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Also named:
Isabel, Isabel Clark, Isabele, Isabella F, Izobella Clark, Jenny, Vendy 

Birthday: August 23, 1990
Weight: kg
Height: 157cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Grey-Blue
Bra cup size: 32B/70C
Tattoos: Butterfly on left upper arm (New end of 2011)
Piercings: Navel

Vendy has a black hair and very sexy body. She is slim and hot. She loves boys caressing her small tits while fucking her cunt. Sometimes she spends all week end with her lover and they have fun in her huge bed. She likes sucking cocks. Vendy likes listening to music and reading magazines for men. Her hobby is collecting different aromatic candles. She wants to make a tattoo om her leg. This year she wants to go to the pacific ocean with her friends and have fun there all days long. (DMN)

 Hairly Vendy (Isabell) is a Russian three holes porn starlette, since 2010. In 2011 she appered also haardcores based in Hungary. Now she shaved.

Her Double Dicked (DAP or DPP) sites and galleries:

netFameSolutions Reg. in USA, shot in USA
Isabella Clark
EvilAngel (Anal fmmmm DP DAP) P Tube120
DVD: Hose Monster #02, Scene #01

EvilAngel (Anal fmm interracial gape DAP) P Tube120
DVD: Anal Buffet #05, Scene #05 Reg. in USA, shot in Russia
as Isabella Clark
Isabella Clark is a living Barbie doll. Big tits, round ass, tiny waist and beautiful face! In this fantasy role-play update she plays a street hooker who gets picked up by a John and taken to his home. Once she is inside with her mouth around his cock she is ambushed by four other men and mercilessly gangbanged, double penetrated, made to take two cocks in her ass which stretches it into a giant gaping cavern, and then has her pussy filled with multiple loads of cum! But that's not the end of the story! Just when she thinks she will be set free set free she is locked in a dank attic where men come in at their leisure to use her warm holes to jack off in.
HarcoreGangbang (Anal group DAP creampie) P V

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Russia
as Isabell
 Anal training? No, this is nonsense. How can you train a pro?? Just look at this cute teengirl Isabell... you won't ever think that she's capable of the most wicked things with her ass! Like double anal... or triple anal... or ever quatro anal! Yes, four thick rubber dongs in her ass... Followed by a full male fist! Anal fisting at its best! There's nothing this hot chick can't do with her ass!
GapeLand (Anal 100% fmmm fisting
DAP Gape) P-V Tube180

21Sextury Network Reg. in Gibraltar, shot in Hungary
as Isabella Clark
Isabella is one dangerous urban beast, a carnivorous vixen hungry for male meat, stuffing it into her mouth, asshole and cunt in doubles. Leslie and Bob soon to find out how unquenchable Isabella's sexual appetite, and when the two men empties their load on her, she still craves for more.
DPFanatics (Anal fmm DP DAP) P-V2 Tube180
Appearance 2 Genital Oral 2 3 4 5 6 7 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DP 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 DAP 2 3 4 5 Gape 2 3 Finish 2 3

Kinky nurse Isabella Clark doesn't believe in things like morally right or wrong. When she has something in her mind, she pushes it through, no matter what. Being a nurse in men's health care gives her a good opportunity to exploit her job, and get herself a cock... or even two to play with whenever she wants. And she wants double anal...!

(Anal fmm DP DAP creampie) P-V1 Tube180
apearance 2 Nude 2 Oral 2 3 4 5 6 Vaginal 2 3 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 DP 2 3 DAP 2 3 Gape 2 Finish 2

 Isabella Clark aims no lower than to be the queen of anal sex and damn, she is on the right path to achieve that. This beauty knows no limits when it comes to butt-sex, and she pushes the boundaries even higher. Double anal, huge toys, fists, or two juicy cocks are all game, as Toby and Bruno SX are about to find out!
AssHoleFeaver (Anal 100% fmm DAP) P-V2 Tube180
Appearance 2 Genital Toying 2 3 4 Oral 2 3 4 Anal 2 3 4 5 6 7 DAP 2 3 4 5 Gape 2 3 Finish 2

Her Double Penetration (DP) sites and gallerries

TeenCoreClub Reg. in Finland, shot in Russia
as Isabel
Isabel is a gorgeous brunette who is a little shy but she came out of her shell once these two guys started ravishing her body! She sucked their cocks and then took a deep double penetration from both of them at once! Isabel loved getting a double fucking from two guys paying attention to her. And she did her best to gobble up their cumshots in the end!
DoubleTeamedTeens (Anal fmm DP) Pa Pb Va Vb 

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