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Also named:
Adriane Paulucio, Thays McLayne,

Nationality: Brasiian
Weight: kg
Height: cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Tatoos: Various
Situation pre-op shecock cm
Pubic area:


Added in December 2016:

OEI Reg. in USA, shot in Brasil
as Thays Tavares

Thays, a stunning, tall, tanned, raven-haired, pierced, and tattooed tranny, with great tits and ass, enters with two penis donors, and all of them immediately get naked while kissing and groping one another. Soon it becomes a blowjob free for all, with Thays sucking one guy’s cock while the other sucks her cock. After licking her asshole a bit, one fucks her in missionary on the kitchen table while the other gets blown, but this is just a prelude of things to come. Wanting a more comfortable locale, they move to the bedroom, where she sucks one guy while the other fingers and licks her ass in doggie in preparation for the pounding that she will soon be receiving. Unhinging her jaw like a snake, both cocks fuck her mouth simultaneously. However, this anal slut needs to be plowed, so she climbs onto one cock in reverse cowgirl while the other guy alternates between sucking her cock and letting her suck his. Apparently tired of waiting for his turn, when she spins around to continue in cowgirl, the other guy slides his schlong into her ass for a double penetration. This sultry anal slut loves having both cocks sawing into her brown bunghole simultaneously. Apparently enjoying the cramped fit, they decide to flip back into reverse cowgirl, laying her back further so that they can both slide their cocks into her ass at the same time in this position as well. This position provides an improved view of their double penetration, and they can now reach her cock to jerk it as well. They must have been boy scouts, because their rubbing their sticks together in her butt does seem to set a fire of libidinous lust ablaze in her ass. Wanting to return the favor, she fucks one in spoon with a vengeance while sucking the other. Do not be faked out when she jerks off onto her stomach: it looks like it’s over, but it isn’t as she soon moves into doggie, with one guy fucking her mouth and the other her ass, until they blow their creamy loads all over her whore’s ass and mouth.
(Passive & positive anal 1:2GB DAP gape creampie f1 f2)  P V Tube

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Brasil
as Adriane Paulucio
Curvy new model Adriane Paulucio loves a barebacking and facial! Wearing a red bra and pantie set and red stockings, Adriane gives an eye-contact POV blowjob readily drooling over a hard uncut cock. Adriane strokes the shaft, licking from balls to tip and crams as much dick down her throat as she can. Her deep-throating technique is an act of sexual beauty. Adriane props her full backside in the air awaiting doggystyle penetration. Her unprotected hole accepts the raw cock with ease while her nipples are pinched. Adriane rides cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and side-saddle, stroking her hard cock the entire time. Adriane's orgasm is building from furiously stroking her rod. HWer eyes fixated on her she-dick Adriane spurts a stringy TS load all over her thick thighs. Spent and satisfied with her orgasm, Adriane brings up her mouth to receive the POV load. Her lapping tongue and open lips are the target for spunk. After licking the final drops from the POV guy's pis-slit and foreskin she goes to the toilet. She aims her cock and lets loose a bladder draining dual stream of piss downward into the bowl. See this exclusive episode ONLY at TS Raw.
(Passive anal 1:1 gape creamie) P V Tube

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OEI Reg. in USA, shot in Brasil
as Thays Tavares

Cute and sexy shemale model Thays Tavares lets her boyfriend suck her soft and gentle tits, lick and finger her tight asshole. She gives him wonderful blowjobs. Later she opens her asshole for his fat cock. He uses the chance and start pounding her ass so hard and deep in all the way he can until they both cum hard.
(Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

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OEI Reg. in USA, shot in Brasil
as Thays Tavares

DreamTranny (Anal toy solo) P V Tube

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Started: 2016.03.30.
Final update: 2016.12.07.

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