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Nationality: Thailander
Birthday: August 01, 1997
Weight: 77kg
Height: 166cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 34C-28-35
Tatoos: Various
Piercings: Navel
Situation pre-op shecock 15cm
Pubic area: Shaved

Tata is a darling LB with a nice cock and bottomless ass. Her blue eye contacts sparkle as she enjoys any cock that cums her way. It's especially why she loves working at a bar; never knowing what naughty adventure she'll have that day. Tata is insatiable when it comes to sex and loves giving blowjobs, rimjobs and creampie barebacking sex. Enjoy Tata exclusively in LadyboyGold, LadyboysFuckedBareback and the upcoming Ladyboy 4K section.

Added in November 2018:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Tata2

 Shapely ladyboy Tata is smoking a cigarette out on the balcony. She comes inside the room and changes into a colorful strapless sundress. She shows off her body and pulls down her top to show the POV her big round tits. She then lifts up her skirt to show her pantiless round bottom. She spreads her cheeks apart to get a view of her beautiful asshole. Then the POV lies down on the bed and Tata gets on her knees and starts sucking his cock and rimming his ass. Next, Tata stands by the window and then has a seat on a chair, where she sucks his shaft and his balls more. She lies back on the bed and slides a long glass toy in and out of her ass-pussy. The POV puts his cock in her mouth as she pushes the toy inside herself. Next, the POV thrusts his cock into Tata's ass on her side. He then fucks her on her back and strokes her cock. Tata gets on top of him and rides him cowgirl. Then the POV fucks her more on her back as she jerks on her cock. He puts his cock in Tata's mouth and watches as she strokes and explodes with cum. Then he fucks her doggystyle until he breeds her asshole.
(Botom anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V Tube

Smiling Ladyboy Tata is wearing jean booty shorts and a tiny long sleeve top. She begins doing a little strip show by lifting her tight top and and then sliding down her shorts over her big, smooth rump. She has a seat and plays with her girl cock and asshole. Then she takes hold of the POV cock with her vacuum mouth and sucks away at it. Next, the POV fucks her bareback and bent over on the chair. Then Tata grabs a corded vibrator, pops it into her ass-pussy, and turns it on. The POV pulls it out and rubs her asshole with it. Next, she pushes in a thick buttplug with a pig tail on the end. Tata sucks the POV and then rims the guys ass The buttplug is firmly inserted in Tata's rear with the pig tail sticking out. Then he fucks Tata missionary as she jerks off. He pulls out his cock and puts in her mouth as she strokes out a white load of cum. The POV then fucks her on her hands and knees and breeds her asshole.
LadyBoyGold (Botom anal 1:1 POV her-cum his-cum) P V Tube

 Voluptuous Ladyboy Tata is wearing a jean jacket over a white mesh shirt and panties. She squeezes her huge tits and smacks her big round ass on chair. She pulls her panties down and s s her cheeks for the POV. Next, on the bed, Tata sucks his cock slow and deep. He oils up a butt plug and watches her shove it into her tight ass-pussy. The POV places his balls in Tata mouth as she pushes the toy into herself. Next, Tata thoroughly licks the POV's asshole, sucks his cock,and licks him all over. Then the POV oils her ass up and slides his shaft into her bareback and fucks her doggie style. He fucks her more on her back and then she rides him cowgirl. Finally, Tata gets on her knees and sucks the POV and swallows a big load of cum. Afterwards, Tata beats off as he sit on her face until she spews her semen.
LadyBoyGold (Botom anal 1:1 POV his-cum her-cum) P V Tube

 Tata has her gorgeous, curvy body bent over the arm of the couch by the window. She pulls up her tight little sheer black dress with no panties on to show her tasty little asshole ready for action. She lowers her top and lets her big, perky titties out to play. Tata then sits on the arm of the couch and strokes her girl cock. Tata bends over on the couch and plays with her moist asshole some more. She has my cock nice and hard, so I put it in front of her and she goes to work on it with her mouth. Tata takes me over to the bed where she gives me a thorough rimming and more cock sucking. I can't stop staring at her tits as she sucks, so I oil them up and have her titty fuck my lubed up cock. Tata then sits her ass-pussy on my bareback cock and starts riding cowgirl while tugging at her lady stick. I bend her over and bareback fuck her some more. Tata then turns around and gives my cock another good sucking before I lay her on her back for more fucking. I then sit my ass one her face and watch as she pleasures herself and licks my hole until she cums a nice big load. I then fuck Tata on her back and shoot sperm onto her ass and push it back inside of her.
LadyBoyGold (Botom anal 1:1 POV her-cum his-cum creampie) P V Tube

 Tata is a lot of fun. She is super fun and is insatiable in bed. I find lusty Ladyboy Tata leaning against the wall touching herself through her blue tanktop and black panties as though she were in heat. She feels her soft, curvy body up and down, front and back with ravenous sexual energy. Tata then moves to the bed on her hands and knees and slaps her ass and begins pushing her smooth hole toward me over and over again. Tata rolls over onto her back and I can't help but stroke her girl cock. Tata then starts passionately sucking my cock, balls, and licking me all over. Eager for more, I lie back and watch as she sucks more cock, licks balls, and eats my ass. Tata then straddles onto me and rides my bare cock cowgirl. After riding and getting her cock stroked, Tata then gets more bareback cock pushed into her ass-pussy missionary. I fuck her until she spurts multiple shots of Ladyboy sperm, and I then keep fucking her until I shoot a big white load of cum on Tata's hole and push it back inside of her.
LadyBoysFuckedBareback (

 Its great to get together with Tata. I love watching her use all of her amazing oral talents on me with that gorgeous face. Tata is ready for action in her black bikini and stockings. She is already playing with a toy on the couch and pressing it up and down her smooth little body. I watch Tata toy her ass for a while and then decide she could use my cock in her mouth at the same time. She sucks away at my cock, licks balls, and begins rimming me. Having gotten a taste of cock and still wanting more, Tata moves me to the bed to properly service me as I lie back and enjoy an amazing blowjob and rimming session. After getting my cocked all warmed up, she climbs onto it and rides me bareback until she spurts a hot load of ladyboy sperm on me. I then lie Tata on her back and pound her until I cum and creampie her ass-pussy.
LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Botom anal 1:1 POV her-cum his-cum creampie) P V Tube

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Tata2

 Tata is dressed in a see through bright green bikini with matching mesh arm stockings. This ladyboy knows how hot her body is an starts enticing me right away with her big tits and round ass. She lies on her back, slides her bikini bottoms aside and winks her asshole at me. I move up on top of her to have her start sucking my cock. I lie back and enjoy a nice sucking and rimming. I then bend Tata over and oil her ass all over before slipping my bare cock inside her. I lie back down for Tata to stroke my cock until its nice and hard for her to impale her ass on. I then oil up her tits and fuck her on her back as she tugs at her ladyboy cock. Afterwards I shove my cock in Tata's mouth as she finishes herself off and spurts a fountain of cum on herself. I then fuck her on her back once more and then fire a long shot of cum up to her neck and all over her asshole. I then creampie it inside of her.
LadyBoyGold (Botom anal 1:1 POV her-cum creampie) P V Tube

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Started: 2018.04.05.
Final update: 2018.11.08.

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