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Nationality: Thailander
Weight: kg
Height: cm
Hair color:
Eye color:
Situation pre-op shecock cm
Pubic area:

 We have a sneaking suspicion that Pooh's phone is going to EXPLODE after her first episode is up on LadyboyGold, and for very good reason. Pooh's a petite young Femboy with a beautiful face and blessed ... or rather gifted ... with a GIANT cock for her body size. Pooh's long cock has a beautiful tip and hangs impossibly from her slim, little-girl frame. What could be more erotic than a pretty girl, looking shyly at you and you notice her cock peeking at you from her short skirt? If Pooh was around the house we would have her wear skirts like this all the time. Enjoying the view of her tiny backside and low-hanging cumstick. Pooh's tiny tits will make Femboy lovers rejoice and her cock will make any size hunter nod with approval. She's a rare breed gentlemen so start your engines! Pooh can top or bottom with that beautiful cock and likely will be swept away soon. Enjoy this ultra rare Ladyboy specimen of love and lust only on LadyboyGold.

Added in August 2017:

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thaiand
as Pooh
 Pooh is a scorcher, she pops TWO TIMES from her big dick while gaping wildly from buttplugs and bareback dick! The ending is AMAZING, with Pooh's anus overflowing with spunk and continuously opened by buttplug penetration. And it all starts so innocently with Pooh in a yellow girlfriend dress.
 But soon Pooh mischievously pulls side her bottoms and out pops her colossal girl-dick. The mushroom head is full of sperm and points angrily in your face. Pooh is bent over and anus exposed. Pooh's hole is oiled up and fucked with spit covered anal beads and a buttplug combo. Pooh eagerly gives a blowjob, then stripped naked for bareback filth.
 Pooh's young nubile body and flat girlish chest are in full view while both dicks rub together. Hot close-ups of Pooh's cock dripping precum. Pooh's feet are massaged and the buttplug removed from her ready back-pussy. Soon the bareback dick slides deeply up Pooh's rear and she loves every inch. Pooh's big dick throbs in approval, and after just a few minutes she pumps thick ropes of jizz all over her tight belly.
 Plenty of gapes as Pooh is used as an anal sexdoll. After Pooh's missionary pop she rides cowgirl. Watch as her cock starts to grow from the prostrate pleasure from riding. Views from the front and back with plenty of hot wide gapes. Pooh wants to cum again, which we love to see. Pooh is laid back again missionary and pumps her always horny cock. Her second cumshot of the session erupts onto her tummy.
 Pooh tastes the sweet spunk still leaking from her slit. The buttplug penetrates Pooh again, making sure her anus is nice and open for the POV's cumshot. It's time for Pooh's anal breeding and a close-up of the cock cumming directly inside Pooh. Her anal walls are a mess of sperm which the bareback rod pushes deep inside Pooh. When the cock pulls out see Pooh's most intimate hole dripping sperm. The buttplug pushes the cum back inside Pooh making sure this darling takes in all the precious fluid. An absolutely gem of a session for LadyboyGold.

(Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

Mouths are going to water seeing Pooh's sizable girl-cock hang from the bottom of her girlfriend dress. Even more so seeing her fully erect and riding a big white dick! Lovely Pooh is a piece of candy in her baby blue skirt. The head of her Ladyboy cock seen as she climbs into bed. 
 Pooh's anxious to show you EVERYTHING, and strips out of her out of her dress. Fully naked you can see Pooh's all natural with tiny tits and a giant cock swinging between her thighs. Pooh climbs onto the POV guy and rubs their cocks together. Pooh loves it, and leans over to give a blowjob while stroking herself. She's drooling at the idea of the big dick going inside her and her femboy rod responds by getting rock hard. 
 Pooh climbs onto the big bareback cock cowgirl style. Her over-sized meat swinging while her ass swallows the entire dick. Pooh is submissive and wants to be fucked hard. She bends over doggystyle with her small oiled-up buns in the air and starfish hole open. Pooh is plowed with reckless abandon, then the cock swings to her face for a ass-to-mouth taste. 
 Pooh wants to see if she can take the big dick inside her fully and lays on her back. Her legs in the air she wildly jerks herself off while being rammed. The raw dick touches places inside Pooh as never felt before and feels sexual fireworks explode. She cums all over herself emptying her girlie-balls of all her girl cum. Pooh rewards the POV guy by having him cum in her sweet mouth. Wow.

LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 finsh) P V Tube

GammaEntertainments Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Thailand
as Pooh
 Tiny Thai ladyboy Pooh fondles her pert nipples and flaunts sexy stems in sheer stockings. Her bundled bulge protrudes from crossed legs, and the sassy minx spreads to welcome stud Johnny UK. After the adventurous lovers trade blow jobs, Pooh tongue-fucks Johnny's anus. She lubes her stiff prick and plunges it into his sphincter. Johnny jacks his junk while the exotic she-creature slam-fucks his ass, resulting in a flurry of sperm sprayed over his chest. Pooh obediently kneels, nibbling nuts until semen splatters her face.
EvilAngel (Positive anal 1:1 finish) P Trailer

DVD: Rogue Adventures #45

Skinny Asian she-male Pooh poses in the shower, showing off her tight, young body and huge, curved lady-cock with its enormous, swollen head. Before long, lucky guy Johnny UK joins her in bed. Eagerly he slurps on Pooh's sensitive shaft; the TS cutie sucks on Johnny's large dick. These gender-bending lovers take turns fucking each other's tender butthole, and Pooh ejaculates on her man's ass. After reaming Pooh's gaping anus, Johnny pulls out... and splatters her scrotum with hot semen.
EvilAngel (Passive & positive anal 1:1 finish f2) P Trailer
DVD: TS Playground #22 - Ladyboy Edition

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GammaEntertainments Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in Thailand
as Pooh
EvilAngel (Anal toy solo finish) P Trailer
DVD: Lady Boy Adventures #05


IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thaiand
as Pooh
LadyBoyGold (Handjob) V Tube

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Final update: 2017.08.08.

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