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Nationality: Thailand
Birthday: February 25, 1995
Weight: 51kg
Height: 164cm
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Black
Bra cup size: 30A-27-35
Situation pre-op shecock 5.5inch

 Pancake really blew us away. Even though she's only 18 years old this bubble butt teenager is barely legal but has the confidence and maturity of girls many years older. With her looks and that incredible ass Pancake is an absolute doll. Pancake is the kind of girl you could proudly take home to meet your family and there's no way anyone would ever know she's a Ladyboy. She's that amazing.

Added in August 2016:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Pancake

 Pancake shows she is the perfect girlfriend as she puts on an anal bead show and has her gorgeous Ladyboy ass filled with sperm! Wearing a white girlfriend dress, Pancake playfully pulls up her skirt and shows her panties. Pancake is sporting new tits and is eager to show them to you along with her immaculate o-ring. Pancake's uncut cock is already dripping sticky precum. 
 Pancake lifts her legs in the air and penetrates her ass with a black anal beads. She takes all the anal beads inside and graphically pulls them in and out. Pancake can't wait for bareback lust and walks with a sexy sway to the bedroom. 
 The anal beads are still inside as Pancake's anus as the two cocks rubs together. Pancake's cock rubs against the POV's in frottage and gently stroked. The anal beads are pulled out and get another heavenly view of Pancake's perfect anus. Pancake gives a sweet and loving POV blowjob getting the guy ready. 
 Pancake turns around and has her brown cheeks in the air. Her buns are oiled up and the bareback POV cock slides between the cheeks and into Pancake's anal prize. Pancake's buns shake as she's fucked doggystyle, then lays missionary so you can see her cum. Pancake is so horny from all the stimulation she cums fast. She shoots her girl jizz onto her belly and towards her tits.
 The POV pounds into Pancake's soft anus, with lots of gapes of her pink anal opening. The sight of this goddess and sensations of her perfect ass is too much and the POV starts to unload. Hot spunk completely breeds Pancake. Her pretty butthole is messy with sperm and the anal beads pushes cum deeply inside this Ladyboy angel.

LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V Tube Tube2

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Pancake

 Pancake gets a prostrate massage in her girlfriend dress! Pancake puckers her pretty lips and blows bubbles. An upskirt view of panties while she blows. Pancake slides down her cotton panties and spreads her prefect ass. Her ass hangs off the barstool and a blue buttplug is inserted inside. The pressure of the plug against Pancake's buttplug makes her cum uncontrollably in a hands-free cumshot.
LadyBoyGold (Passive anal stimulation) P V Tube Tube60

 Pancake peels off her white panties for a bareback creampie ride! First Pancake shows off her incredible legs and bubble butt in upskirt view. Anal beads slip into her ass and Pancake drops to her knees for a great eye-contact blowjob. Her stick is like steel when sliding her perfect winker onto the bareback cock. Pancake rides cowgirl, shooting her load all over the POV guy. Pancake continues to ride until the guy creampies her silky asshole. The potent sperm leaks from Pancake's unprotected and gorgeous teen asshole.
LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube Tube120acp

 Teenager Pancake is creampied during a hot cowgirl fuck! She's in a bikini with the top pulled open and her luscious Hershey kiss nipples exposed. Pancake gives great eye contact during the blowjob, stuffing the entire cock down her throat. She's fucked missionary and cowgirl. Pancake's tan Asian buns thunder down and sperm rushes into her teen Ladyboy ass.
LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube Tube120acp

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Final update: 2016.08.10.

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