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Nationality: Italian
Birthday: August 05, 1994
Weight: 66kg
Height: 180cm
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Hazel
Situation pre-op shecock cm
Pubic area:

Bright, blue eyes with auburn-colored hair and plump, cock-sucking lips, European sensation Monica Conti is the tgirl of your fantasies. When she isn’t riding dick on set stateside, Monica is usually sipping her espresso at home in Turin, Italy planning her next beach vacation to the island of Malta. With her dreamy Italian accent and long legs dying to be wrapped around a man, it’s no wonder that the once-blonde, now redhead has become so popular in the adult industry!

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AdultForce Reg. in Canada, shot in USA
as Monica Conti

Will Havoc can’t believe his eyes when his new house cleaner Monica Conti prances into his house wearing a skimpy maid outfit. Will tries his best to pay attention to anything else, but how can he focus on his work when Monica’s luscious legs and perky ass are shaking in his face? When Monica keeps interrupting him wearing fewer and fewer pieces of clothing, it becomes to clear to Will that this TS maid is more interested in cock than cleaning. Once Monica gets down on all fours, flaunts her womanly figure, and shows off her bulge, Will can’t resist any longer and fucks her tight ass right there on the kitchen counter! After all, getting down and dirty feels so much better than keeping it clean.
(Botom anal 1:1 finish) Ref

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SMC Reg. and shot in USA
as Monica Conti
SheMaleClub (Solo hj finish) P V

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Started: 2017.11.07.
Final update: 2017.11.08.

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