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Also named:
Jazmin Aviance, Turner Aviance, Turner

Nationality: American
Birthday: January 8, 1997
Weight:57 kg
Height: 171cm
Hair color: Aubrun
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 86D-56-93
Situation pre-op shecock 18cm
Pubic area: Shaved

The state of Georgia is known for its sweet peaches, but there isn’t a Georgia Peach out there as ripe and juicy as Atlanta’s Domino Presley. Growing up in a military family, Domino understood if you want something done right, you have to go out and do it yourself. Starting out as a drag queen in her early twenties, the sultry Southern beauty decided it was time to throw herself headfirst into the adult industry, and she hasn’t looked back since. Over the course of her amazing career, she’s racked up several Transgender Erotica Awards, and has been nominated countless times by AVN and XBIZ. The part-Japanese model has maintained a strong social media presence through it all, and has a very devoted fan base. When her fit and busty physique isn’t being beautifully displayed on film, Domino can be found hanging out on her couch, experimenting with different hair colors, or keeping an eye out for a tall, muscly guy who likes to be on top. Who among us wouldn’t love a taste of the enticing Domino Presley?

Added in April 2018:

AdultForce Reg. in Canada, shot in USA
as Domino Presley

Domino Presley is donning her sexiest lingerie and setting the dinner table to perfection for her husband. Unfortunately, this busty beauty spent so much time getting things read she had no time to cook! Thinking quick on her feet, Domino grabs a plate and gives Gabriel his favorite meal – her thick tgirl dick! After a mouthwatering appetizer, the duo make their way to the bedroom, where Domino’s tight ass gets filled to the brim with Gabriel’s juicy sausage! Moving away from her booty, this hung stud titfucks his gorgeous wife, thrusting away at her massive boobs until he can’t hold back anymore, glazing her pretty face!
(Botom anal 1:1 finish f2) Trailer

After a classy candlelit dinner, Gabriel D'Alessandro decides he's ready to pop the big question to Domino Presley. What he wasn't prepared for was his beautiful fiance popping out a big tgirl dick! They say love conquers all, and without sparing a second, Gabriel begins deepthroating Domino's she-cock with a wild passion! With tits as big as her dick, Gabriel doesn't know what to suck on next, so Domino takes over. Bending her man over, she introduces his ass to the world of anal, fucking her soon to be husband in every position imaginable before shooting her got load all over his chest!
(Top anal 1:1 finish f2) Trailer

GammaE Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in USA
as Domino Presley
Director Joey picks up gorgeous, platinum blonde T-girl Domino Presley and drives her home for a nasty date with male devotee Gabriel. She peels aside her lacy bra and unveils her round boobs. Gabriel takes Domino's long, stiffening she-cock in his mouth, and he lewdly tongues her bunghole. The TS bombshell slurps on her new boyfriend's dick, and he eagerly fucks her tight rectum. Domino jacks a load of sperm all over his face; Gabriel spunks across Domino's booty and obediently licks up his hot mess.
(Botom anal 1:1 finish f2) P Trailer

JoshStoneProduction Reg. and shot in USA
as Domino Presley
Left swipe. Right swipe. Left know how it works. Online "dating" can be annoying at times. That's until you find that right fuck everyone's looking for.Today the lovely Domino Presley has managed to match herself with our boy Robert Axel. Now if you know one thing about Domino, she doesn't give it up unless she knows she's gonna take it HARD! Robert is definitely the man when it comes to pounding some TS ass. Of course she's interested. After a little bit of easy convincing it's on! That sexy new blonde hair on Domino is just irresistible. Enough talk, let's get right to the action folks!
(Botom anal 1:1 interracial finish f2) P Va Vb 5minA 5minB

Her bareback fucking sites and galleries:

AdultForce Reg. in Canada, shot in USA
as Domino Presley
First dates are always nerve-wracking, but lucky for Sebastian Keys, Domino Presley says exactly what's on her mind. This tgirl babe thinks talk is cheap, opting for a quick tour of her boytoy's house instead. One foot in the bedroom and the tour gets cut short as Domino's gorgeous tits and special she-cock make a welcome appearance! Dropping to her knees, Domino swiftly commands her date to put his cock in her mouth for a sloppy blowjob. Sebastian's favorite! Once Domino is satisfied with his hard dick, she generously lets Sebastian fill her tgirl ass, covering her mouth in whimpering ecstasy. With Sebastian still in her ass, Domino sprays sweet cum all over herself, like a fire-hose at Burning Man. How will they ever top this first date!
TransAngel (Botom anal 1:1 finish f2) Ref

College babe-cum-camgirl Domino Presley is having a hard week. First, her annoying mom interrupted her cam show last night, and now there’s some guy in her living room when she was supposed to have the house to herself! All Domino wants is to put on a hot lesbian show for her audience, but that big dolt Eli Hunter scares her friend away by spying on them making out. Lucky for her audience, Domino won’t let this fuck-up ruin her show. To make him pay for his mistakes, Domino gets Eli to fuck her and suck her dick, and he has no idea he’s on camera! What happens when he finds out?
TransAngel (Botom anal 1:1 finish) Ref

Pierce Paris has a secret desire: to get fucked in the ass by the hottest tgirl he can find. The moment his wife leaves for a business trip Piece gets a message – Domino Presley, the girl of his dreams, is coming over to ride him raw. As soon as she arrives, busty Domino dominates Pierce – mind, mouth, and asshole – and turns him into the sissy he was born to be. This is Domino like you’ve never seen her before: using a stud for her pleasure and fucking him into submission until she can’t hold back and blows her load all over him.
TransAngel (Top anal 1:1 finish) Ref

Gabriel D’Alessandro will be staying with his dad and stepsister for the summer. Finding no one home, he lets himself in and makes for the shower – only to find it occupied by Domino Presley, his smoking hot stepsister. When he gets caught spying on Domino soaping up her juicy ass, Gabriel doesn’t know whether to be shocked – or excited – about an invitation to take a shower with Domino and help her lather up her rock-hard cock.
TransAngel (Botom anal 1:1 finish) Ref

Grooby Reg. and shot in USA
as Domino Presley
Domino Presley Gets Fucked By Richie! Stunning Grooby girl and tgirl superstar Domino Presley is back for a smoking hot hardcore scene! Watch this gorgeous transgirl sucking cock and getting her perfect bubble butt fucked hard!
GroobyGirls [former SheMaleYum] (Botom anal 1:1 finish) P

Robert Axel is so pumped up to have this beautiful tgirl to fuck with. She has all the goods stuff to make a man wild with passion and of course Domino lets him have his way with her gorgeous body, including fucking her mouth and her tight and delicious ass-pussy. He really went deep and hard which makes him cum in her face.
SheMaleXXX (Botom anal 1:1 interracial finish) Ref

Domino Presley Rides That Cock Domino Presley is a Grooby superstar! This gorgeous tgirl has a beautiful face, a body to die for, big sexy boobs, a delicious cock and a truly magnificent ass! In this hot hardcore scene Domino hooks up with Richie Black whom she seduces in no time! Watch as she gives him head before he east her lovely ass! Soon she's riding his massive cock. They fuck until Domino's tits
SheMaleXXX (Botom anal 1:1 finish) P

Domino Presley Fucking To The Max Stunning Grooby superstar Domino Presley returns to us for a smoking hot hardcore scene! This beautiful tgirl has a stunning body, big sexy boobs, a great ass and a delicious cock! Watch as Domino sucks Maxx's cock before she lets him fuck her lovely ass!
SheMaleXXX (Botom anal 1:1 finish) P

GammaE Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in USA
as Domino Presley
EvilAngel (Botomanal 1:1 with_TG finish f2) P Trailer

(Botom anal 1:1 finish) P Trailer

CWIANS Reg. and shot in USA
as Domino Presley
Gorgeous stunner Domino and I look great together in a formal setting. After attending a fabulous dinner party, we end the evening with an intense sex session where I fuck her perfect ass with energy & enthusiasm
(Botom anal 1:1 finish) 

Her solo galleries:

JoshStoneProduction Reg. and shot in USA
as Domino Presley

Trans500 (Solo hj finish) P 5min

GammaE Reg. in The Netherlands, shot in USA
as Domino Presley 
EvilAngel (Anal toy solo finish) P Trailer

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Final update: 2018.04.30.

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