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Nationality: Thai
Birthday: October 20, 1995
Weight: 54kg
Height: 168cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 32A-27-34
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Situation pre-op shecock 14cm
Pubic area: Shaved

 Splitting her time between Bangkok and Pattaya, Bua is all-natural Ladyboy with the face of an angel. Bua has perky girlish tits, narrow hips and tight yet spongy buns. But Bua's incredible asshole might be her best feature, it is a work of art. It's so soft and stretchy, and feels like a tunnel of warm silk wrapped around your cock. Bua is incredibly sweet and sexual, a true diamond in the rough. See Bua in scalding ass-to-mouth barebacking episodes showing off what this young anal debutante can do. Bua doesn't work at a bar, so enjoy her movies and get in direct contact with her only through the LadyboyGold network. Profile edited end of June 2016, Bua has an updated phone number.

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Bua
Pretty babe Bua has her ass filled with a HUGE dripping creampie, then cums BIG hitting herself in her own face when she spurts! Bua is wearing lingerie pajamas on her feminine body. Bua pulls down her bottoms and strokes her uncut, pink tipped cock then goes into bed to enjoy a cock. Bua sucks and strokes the POV dick, then welcomes the bareback cock inside her.
 Bua is fucked missionary style, her cock fully erect as her hairless anus is drilled deep. Bua's tiny nipples played with as her dick gets a handjob from the POV's hand. The POV unloads a huge creampie inside Bua's gaping hole. Her stretchy asshole open and dripping sperm. With her ass still full of cum Bua jerks herself off. As she cums, powerful jets of sperm launch from her piss slit and all the way up to her pretty face. It is incredibly sexy to see such a girly dickgirl erupt such a big, orgasmic, sticky load.

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Bua plays with her smooth stick then impales herself on a no condom prick! Bua gives a blowjob then rubs her cock with the POV's in hot frottage pleasure. Both cocks are oiled up and Bua first feels the penetration cowgirl style.
 Bua is stripped completely of her blue babydoll lingerie and panties. Her pretty cock is strokes as she rides up and down. Bua lays on her back and jerks her perfect cock. She spurts her jizz load, then takes the cock from her ass for an ATM blowjob. Bua expertly then takes her petite hand and jerks the POV cock to a sticky sperm finish.

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Bua pleasures a POV with her mouth, ass and hand to a creamy finish! Naturally beautiful Bua is wearing a white babydoll and black panties. She is quick to attack the POV's cock as soon as the shorts are unbuttoned. Bua is drunk with cocklust and crams as much cock in her throat as she can.
 Bua's panties slide off and she plants her darling buttslit down on the raw cock. Bua's anus swallows it all. She's fucked good doggystyle bent over the bed. We all want to see Bua's sweet cock spurt and she lays missionary on the bed. She cums quickly stroking her cock while being barebacked. Bua squirts a jet of clear girl-cum on herself, then wants to see the POV cum.
 Taking the cock from her ass Bua tastes the tip. Bua strokes the shaft, jerking it into her mouth. Bua rubs the POV's balls while her hand gently but expertly builds pleasure. The POV is soon spurting a load of his own which makes Bua very happy.

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Bua's young smooth ass, hanging out from her adorable pajamas is a drool-worthy sight. Even better is when her stretchy o-ring is fucked without a condom and balls spermed on! Bua is wearing cartoony yellow duckie pjs. She lowers the bottoms giving full access to her flawless Ladyboy ass-pussy. 
 Bua is barebacked immediately, her slick ass filled with raw cock. The POV cock pulls out and a prostrate anal toy takes its place. Bua deep throats the ass-juice coated cock while the anal toy vibrates inside her rectum. Bua also rims the POV, greedily giving anal pleasure and tasting it all.
 The black prostrate toy is pulled from Bua's hole, making it wink as it gapes. The spit covered cock easily slides inside Bua and her uncut meat is fully erect. Bua's body is covered in shiny oil and she strokes her smooth stick. Bua orgasms her clear cumshot while being fucked missionary with her legs in the air. 
 Bua's eyes are rolling back in her head in orgasmic bliss. Now get a POV view from Bua as her ass brings the thrusting cock to it's climax. The cock pulls from Bua's soft wet asshole and pumps a hot load on her balls and uncut willy. The cock slides back in, then out making this cute darling gape.

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Bua's perfect ass is barebacked to a creampie finish! It's incredible to see Bua fucked, her her eyes rolling back in her head as she cums. Bua starts off in a tiny shiny dark string bikini and bare feet. Her nipples played with and already erect uncut stick stroked. Bua shows off her pristine asshole then gives a toe-curling deep throat blowjob. She makes sure to pay attention to the POV's asshole, deeply licking it and caressing during the four play. 
 Bua finishes the blowjob and climbs on for a cowgirl ride. Her silky ass slides up and down on the bareback cock. Views from the front and back; see all of Bua's amazing all natural body. It's especially hot from the front since Bua's uncut, erect cock points upwards in horniness. Bua's rhythm of riding, with her flawless body and immaculate ass makes the POV unload inside her. 
 But he's still hard, and Bua wants to cum. Bua lays back missionary style and jerks herself off while the sperm is churned inside her. Bua's eyes roll back and she cums all over her tummy. Fully spent, the POV slides out of Bua's open ass and sperm leaks out. Close-ups at the end of the sticky cum strings from Bua's cock slit.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gape finish creampie) P V Tube

Bua's beautiful elastic o-ring is barebacked and filled with a dripping creampie! Bua shows off her young Femboy body in a colorful bikini. Bua pulls open the top and has her nipples played with. The bottoms are also pulled aside and her the foreskn of her pretty uncut stick is fondled. 
 Bua sweet asshole is immediately entered doggystyle with a POV cock. Her bareback hole stretching around the cock, her sphincter visually sliding in and out. After some warm up fucking Bua sucks on the cock fresh from her own ass. After the blowjob Bua is fucked missionary with her ass gaping with each thrust. Bua's dick is played with, then she gets on top for reverse cowgirl riding. 
 Next Bua strokes her self off while playing with the cock, spilling clear and sticky Femboy juice all over her self. It's the POV's turn to cum and Bua is fucked deeply missionary style. Her asshole gapes widely as it's loaded up with hot spunk. Bua makes sure to spread her asscheeks wide to show the sperm leaking out.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gape finish f2) P V Tube

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Started: 2017.02.25.
Final update: 2017.02.26.

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