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Also named:
Beans, Benz,

Nationality: Thaiander
Birthday: February 19, 1993
Weight: 43kg
Height: 160cm
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 28A-22-32
Tatoos: None
Piercings: None
Situation pre-op shecock cm
Pubic area: Shaved

Benty is a tiny Bangkok spinner built for sex. You'll be met by Benty's short hair and beaming smile everytime you see her. For such a small girl she has an impressive stick between her slim thighs. It's still a mystery to us where she hides it in her skimpy bikini! Once Benty is slightly excited there's no keeping her hard secret. Benty's eager elastic ass-pussy massages the cum from cocks and always ready to please. See this petite babe barebacked and filled with jizz on the LadyboyGold Network. Prrofile update, as of Feb 9, 2016 Benty has a new cel number for her profile. Also new boobies!

Her bareback fucking sites and galleries:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Benty

Benty is erect the entire time until she spurts and the POV unloads jizz all over her asshole and girlie ballsack. Benty is wearing a short shiny dress with no panties. She lifts her skirt above her tits and shows her incredibly erect Ladyboy cock. Benty is a magical Kathoey with how her cock point perfectly north towards her pretty face. Close-ups of her pre-cum dripping rod and tiny peach ass.
 Benty's small wrinkled sphincter is shown off and the no condom POV dick slides past the delicate ring. Benty is fucked doggystyle, then lays on her back for frottage rubbing. Benty sucks on the POV's cock and her throbbing dick played with. Her cock continues to be strokes as her elastic ass is entered. Benty LOVES being full of man-dick and after just a few minutes blasts a big load all over herself. 
 The POV slams into Benty's ass, touching every inch of her backdoor. Her anal walls stretch beckoning the bareback cock in as deep as possible. Benty's slick ass is slippery and the POV starts to cum. A huge load of sperm shoots all over Benty's fantastic body and onto her open anus. Benty's ass gapes in complete satisfaction

(Passive anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V Tube

Petite pixie Benty gives a mind-blowing rimjob and her asshole gaped wide open and spermed to the limit! Benty points to her "bad girls" shirt showing she's the best kind of girl. Her cock is completely erect, pointing straight up practically ripping out of her panties. Benty makes sure to show off her tiny buns and gorgeous butthole, and exposes her full tits. Benty spreads her butthole and shows her winker and takes the bareback cock inside. 
 Benty is fucked slowly then pulls out to lick the cock fresh from her ass. She lovingly sucks the cock and goes to work on the POV guys anus. Benty's analingus is second to none, her darting tongue lapping and deeply penetrating the sensitive anal ring. Benty can see the guys asshole lubed with her spit and takes the opportunity to slide her throbbing girl-cock inside. She barebacks while gently stroking the POV guys dick. 
 Benty is a versatile girl and wants to cum while being fucked. The guy goes back on top, fucking Benty's slick hole missionary style. Benty strokes her long cock and has her nipples pinched. Benty explodes all over her hard stomach with a big cumshot! Coming down from her own orgasm Benty spreads her asscheeks wide and shows her gaped asshole. The POV dick starts to cum, and it's a massive cumshot. Benty's open asshole is dripping and beautifully wrecked open. Sperm is everywhere and Benty creamed hole is penetrated again with the re-inserted bareback cock. Pure, nasty, unadulterated and uncensored bareback filth at it's finest.

(Positive passive anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V Tub Tube2

Tiny Femboy Benty is barebacked with a re-inserted cumshot right inside her gaped asshole! Benty's cock practically bursts through her panties. She has an impressive dick for such a small girl and loves to show it. Benty shows her wrinkled ass then gives a POV blowjob. She sites her little ass on the bareback cock and rides cowgirl and missionary. Benty cums all over her hard stomach then gets a BIG cumshot right up her open ass.
LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V 

Benty's cock pokes from under her miniskirt goes for a hot bareback ride. Looking up with her pretty eyes Benty licks every inch of cock. Benty rides cowgirl, reverse cowgirl and missionary. Benty dick is ridged and aching to cum. Benty shoots her load while wanking her extra large meat and rides cowgirl for a creampie. Benty ass gapes open rudely as the sperm leaks from her hot Femboy hole.
LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 POV creampie) P V 

Her solo galleries:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Benty

LadyBoyGold (Anal toy solo finish) P V 

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Started: 2016.09.19.
Final update: 2016.09.22.

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