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Nationality: Thailander
Birthday: December 15,
Weight: 54kg
Height: 172cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brow
Bra cup size: 32B-27-34
Situation post-op: SRS done when she was 19 y.o.

 Angie is a vixen with reddish hair, a small frame and smooth new pussy. Angie has legs that go all the way up until they make an ass of themselves. Capped off with great smile Angie is a beautiful post-op who's completely at home with her transition. See this darling have her Ladyboy pussy drilled and filled with hot sperm only on LadyboyPussy.

Added in September 2016:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Angie

 Angie's incredible post-op body oozes sex as it pours out of a tartan bikini and white stockings. It doesn't take long for Angie to whip out her luscious tits and fuck her slippery snatch with a glass dildo. With her panties aside you can gleam her furry Ladyboy pussy as it swallows the sextoy. 
 Hot close-ups of Angie's intimate sexpot before she eagerly sucks on a POV cock. Soon Angie's legs are spread and SRS pussy is taking every inch of cock like a true woman. Missionary and side-saddle positions, with Angie holding onto her bouncing tits with dear life. Doggystyle and cowgirl positions are next with Angie only taking a break from the action to lick her pussy taste from the cock. Angie expertly rides until a hot load of spunk is creampied inside her man-made womb. The fresh sperm leaks out from the lips of Angie's silky post-op pussy.

LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

 Angie rides a bareback cock until her post-op slit overflows with hot sperm! Angie is wearing a silky polka dot pajama top and cute socks. She's not wearing any panties so when Angie opens her thighs her beautiful pussy is immediately accessible. Angie lifts her long legs and spreads her pussy wide. A great close-up view of her gaping pussy hole and asshole.
 A POV cock pops out from the fly of denim jeans and into Angie's wet pussy. The bare cock slides in and out, then against her clit. Angie takes the cock in her mouth and licks her pussy juices from it. Her tits are pouring out of her unbuttoned top while sucking cock. 
 Angie bends over face down and ass up for doggystyle sex. Her pussy completely available for the raw cock. For the finale Angie climbs on top for a cowgirl ride. Her ass thunders up and down, taking the entire length of the shaft in her unprotected slick fuck canal. Angie slams her pussy down on the cock as it starts to cum, flooding her pussy with millions of swimming sperms. The cock pulls out, and as the cum drips out it goes back inside to push the load in deep. Angie reaches her hand behind to fondles the balls of the pulsating cock, milking the last bit of cum inside her. 
 Angie climbs off and lays back submissively, giving a view of her well fucked Ladyboy pussy. It's a gaping wet mess, sticky and glistening with hot gooey cum. A truly beautiful and sexy sight to behold and a perfect example of the pleasure a post-op pussy can bring.

LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

 Angie gives a foot and leg oil massage. But can't keep her hands from trailing up to the POV guys crotch. As her hands get closer she's happy to see a hard cock waiting. Angie gently strokes the shaft and feels it throb against her fingers.
 Angie gives a quick flick of her tongue and sits her pussy down on the waiting cock. She shifts her hips and takes the raw cock all the way to the balls. Angie flexes her pussy muscles continuing the massage on the lucky guys shaft. Her pussy milks the rod as she rides cowgirl.
 Angie's ass fans up and down. She wants to feel the thrill of the cock exploding inside her. It's a heavenly combination of Angie's angelic face and her soft wet pussy. The POV cock starts to pulsate and shoot inside her post-o womb. Angie's pussy is nice and creamy from the creampie. She makes sure to show nice close-ups of her fully knocked up Ladyboy pussy.

(SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

 Angie's pretty post-op pussy and asshole are blasted with sperm in this hot episode. Angie shows off her showgirl body in a one piece minskirt dress and red heels. Pulling up her skirt Angie displays a matching black bra and pantie set with her pussy and tits pouring out.
 Angie unzips the fly of the POV guy's jeans and pulls out his cock. Expertly caressing the cock shaft in her mouth Angie tastes every inch of meat. Angie gets the cock wet and climbs on top. The dick slips into Angie's wet new pussy making her wild with desire. Angie wants to cum again and again and grinds down hard on the bare cock.
 A hot view from the rear as Angie's shiny buns bounce up and down. Angie starts to cum, shaking and quivering with her climax. Angie orgasms again and again until she collapses in the bed in sweaty bliss. She wants to cum more, loving the feeling of being fucked as a true woman. Angie is fucked missionary with an angle form Angie's view then side saddle. Angie's spread pussy and asshole are a cum target and the POV cock spurts a gooey load.
LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 finish) P V Tube

 Angie's black panties slide off, making her post-op pussy an easy target for a pink dildo and raw cock! Angie's black and white stripped miniskirt shimmy's above her waist and her creamy tits pour out. Her slit is wet and ready for the veined pink dildo.
 After pleasuring herself Angie gets on the bed with her long legs spread wide open. A bareback cock slides inside her moist opening making Angie moan with delight. She's fucked missionary then the POV cock is pulled from Angie's box and up to her open mouth. Angie tastes herself during the blowjob then climbs on for a cowgirl ride.
 Angie bounces on the erect stick, her ass thundering up and down. She impales herself fully and lets the cock erupt inside her silky Ladyboy pussy. Hot close-ups of the sperm as it leaks out of this sexy SRS doll.
LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

 Angie's long legs open, clad in poker stockings giving a hot view of her slippery Ladyboy pussy. Her slutty purple dress is above her waist and top down letting Angie's tits fall out for easy groping. Angie wastes no time giving a POV blowjob, slurping on a waiting cock poking from the fly of jeans.
 Angie's ready to be fucked and lays back for a missionary pounding. Her long legs splay out and wrap around as she's filled with plunging bareback cock. Angie is fucked missionary and side-saddle, with her gaping slit basted with a scalding cumshot.

LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 finish) P V Tube

 Angie's ready for a date at the beach in this colorful sarong dress. One small problem though, she forgot to bring a bikini to wear under it! Well from most standpoint's that is a blessing and was eager to take advantage of Angie's easily accessible post-op pie.
 A small amount of baby oil shines up Angie's pussy making her pussy lips ultra moist. Angie wants cock immediately and with the dress open and titties out a bareback cock slides right inside her. Graphic hot close-ups of Angie fucked missionary and doggystyle. Angie's cunt slurping on the cock just hoping it would fill her up like the woman she is.
 Angie climbs on top and rides the cock cowgirl, letting the raw dick explode deep inside her man-made womb. Feeling proud she fully satisfied her man Angie's spreads her new pussy lips wide showing all the cum inside her Ladyboy pussy.
LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

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IslandDollers Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Angie
 Angie's wearing no panties and has her post-op slit filled with a big load of cum! Her t-shirt raises above perfect tits showing all she has to offer. Wearing cute colorful socks on her feet Angie gives a blowjob then goes legs up. Her thighs spread open for hot bareback sex. Angie is fucked missionary and cowgirl until jet after jet of hot jizz lnands deep inside her Ladyboy love tunnel.
(SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V TubeTube120vcp

Angie fingers her moist Ladyboy pussy waiting for a bareback cock! Her panties are aside giving a hot view of her spread snatch. A big vibrator completely opens Angie's hole while she snacks on cock. The bare cock slides into Angie's silky slit. Angie is fucked missionary and reverse cowgirl, giving an excellent view as her pussy is impregnated with millions of swimming sperms.
(SRS vaginal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube Tube150vcp

Most Ladyboy lovers are at least curious as to what it's like to fuck a post-op. How does that pussy look and feel? Is she horny? Can she cum? Angie is happy to initiate you into your first post-op experience in her wet new pussy. Angie loves cock. Angie puts on a show with her favorite vibrator getting ready for cock. She's horny, and loves devouring cock. She is eager to slide it inside her wet hole. Angie fucks missionary, cowgirl and finishes the guy off by jerking him off on her nice tits. She'll make you consider giving a post-op a spin. If you do check out our sister site
LBGirlFriends (SRS vaginal 1:1 finish) P V Tube

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Angie

LadyBoyPussy (SRS vaginal toy solo) P V Tube

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