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Nationality: Thailander
Birthday: May 01, 1992
Weight: 39kg
Height: 162cm
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 30A-23-31
Tatoo: Various;
Situation pre-op shecock 13cm

 One of the most petite Ladyboys you'll ever meet, Alice will rock your world. Even though Alice's buns are tiny, her asshole gapes WIDE to accommodate any sized cock. Pound Alice hard and fast, then deeply deposit your seed inside her pixie Kathoey. Breed this tiny Ladyboy with hot cum. Alice is horny and always ready. See Alice do it ALL. She loves being used as a fuck toy by sex tourists. Make sure she's on your list for the next visit to Pattaya.

Added in September 2016:

IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Alice
Alice is blindfolded from the start and used as a sex toy in this kinky creampie episode. Alice is spread-eagle in a sex chair, her soft puckered asshole fully accessible. Baby oil is squirted all over Alice's lithe body, making her slick and shiny. Alice's eyes are covered as a big red buttplug pushes into her anal passage. Alice groans as each rib of the anal toy stretches her open, pushing wider and deeper. 
 The toy is replaced with the bareback cock and Alice is eager to take it. Alice's asshole is fucked then the cock is pulled from her wet asshole and fed to her. Alice's cock is rockhard as she sucks on the unseen strangers cock. More close-ups of Alice's wide open asshole then she's entered bareback again. A view from underneath as the sex chair rock back and forth impaling Alice. Alice is so turned on from the risky sex she cums quickly all over herself. 
 The next segment is scalding hot. Alice, with her feet braced on handles of the rocking sex chair, is lowered onto the bareback cock. Using the handles the POV guy uses Alice fully as an anal fuck toy. Her asshole is impaled at the will of the POV guy taking Alice fully. Alice's ass-sleeve slides up and down the no condom cock taking it all the way to the balls. Alice is completely used until the cock explodes deep inside her open anus. Graphic close-ups of Alice's asshole pushing out the sperm. Alice has been blindfolded the entire time and finally takes off the blindfold at the end. A hot and kinky LadyboyFuckedBareback episode.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gapecreampie) P V Tube Tube2

 Alice's skinny little frame is bent over and ravaged by bareback cock! Alice is the perfect spinner, with her tiny buns and big elastic asshole ready for dick. Alice is fucked standing doggystyle then goes on the bed to taste her own ass from the cock.
 Alice gives a rimjob and is fucked missionary. Her blue stocking clad legs in the air as she tugs her girl shaft. Alice fondles her tits through the orange babydoll as her asshole gapes with each thrust. Alice is fucked HARD and the cock pulls out and aims towards her exposed browneye. Spurts of potent seed shoot inside Alice's wide-open hole and pushed back inside. Alice is fully bred and lays back on the bed with tits out and legs spread like a proper Ladyboy buttslut.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gape creampie) P V Tube

Skinny fuckdoll Alice gets her mouth filled with cum and pissed on in this bareback episode! Alice is spread eagle in bed, her pretty parts barely covered by a shiny green bikini. Her cock is already hard and pops from the top of the bikini bottoms. Alice goes to work on an erect POV cock, her mouth enjoying the taste of the hard meat.
 Alice rubs the cock against hers in frottage action and sucks it more before sliding the raw cock up her tiny ass. Alice rides cowgirl and missionary stroking her stick the entire time in horny abandon. Alice spurts her load, then pulls the cock form her ass for ATM action. She laps at the POV guys balls and ass crack then opens her mouth for the cumshot. 
 With cum in her mouth Alice is next in the bathroom sitting on the toilet. The POV cock pisses all over Alice's tits and slim body. Her cock is still poking from the top of her bikini, always ready for more hot sex.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gape finish) P V Tube Tube2

If you love seeing hot Ladyboys covered in sticky sweet cream, then barebacked and bred, this is the episode for you! Alice covers her lithe body in sugary milk cream. It's sticky, icky goodness and makes her even sweeter. Alice opens her rainbow bikini and covers her tits, cock and asscheeks with the stringy substance. Alice slides a little of it onto a POV cock and gives a heavenly blowjob.
 Alice bends over and as the goo drips down her ass the raw cock enters her easy backdoor. Alice is fucked doggystyle and reverse cowgirl, her asshole swallowing the raw shaft. Alice climbs off and licks the sweet taste of her ass from the cock and licks the POV guys asshole. Alice gets back on cowgirl style impaling herself fully. It's sticky fun as they both get the cream everywhere! Alice's girl-cock bangs up and down as she rides.
 They move to the bed and you get an immediate view of Alice's gaping hot asshole. It's so slick, so ready that her puffy anus draws the cock back inside her. Alice's tits are out and legs high as she's fucked missionary style. Alice strokes her smooth shaft as she switches to cowgirl. She bounces like a rodeo rider with the white bareback dick all the way inside her. The finale is a closeup view of the cock erupting against her anus and spurting cum inside. Her well-used ass-pussy is well displayed as it gapes with cum dripping out.

LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 POV gape creampie) P V Tube

Slender sexdoll Alice gives an incredible handjob, with barebacking, using all her sexy tools to make a man cum! Alice is adorable wearing a girlfriend dress. She pulls the dress up and shows she's not wearing panties. Alice uses lots of baby oil as Alice slowly jerks the hard POV cock. Alice edges the cock with her tongue then slides her tiny buns over the throbbing rod. 
 Pre-cum leaks from the POV cock as Alice sensually slides her ass back and forth. Alice wants the cock inside her. She places the slick raw cock against her anal opening and easily takes it deep. Alice rides reverse cowgirl, then turns around for a cowgirl ride. Before the bareback cock goes back inside Alice takes both cocks together for hot frottage rubbing. Alice gets back on and strokes her erect stick. After just a few minutes Alice spurts her girl-load all over. 
 Alice's flexing asshole brings waves of pleasure to the cock inside her. Alice climbs off and jerks off the dick. She plays with the POV guys asshole with her spermed fingers making the guy cum. Spurt after sticky spurt of jizz launch from the POV's cock. Raw sex with a handjob at it's finest.

LadyBoyGold (Passive anal 1:1 POV finish) Tube

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IMG Reg. in USA, shot in Thailand
as Alice
Alice's little Ladyboy body is oiled up and drilled in a seedy short time experience. Alice has one of the best asses in all of Pattaya; a silky bottomless hole you can fuck as hard as you want. Alice has her ass and feet oiled and massaged, then the lucky guy can't help but trail down to her exposed kittycat hole. Alice is easily entered and fucked doggystyle and cowgirl, and creampied multiple times along the way. See the cum drip from Alice's well-used ass-pussy and bonus time of Alice in the shower.
LBGirlFriends (Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

 Ultra skinny, spinner Ladyboy Alice has her backdoor mated in this scorching bareback episode. Alice starts off standing on the bed giving a view of her slim figure. She tugs down her black panties and her erect dick pops out. Pulling up the top of her Los Angeles branded shirt-skirt reveals tight flat tummy. Alice turns around and spreads her micro asscheeks wide. Her asshole stretches wide and is already gaping in anticipating of bareback penetration.
 Alice turns and rubs her hard girl stick again the POV cock. Alice's cock throbs in delight. Bending over shows the wonders of Alice's lubed up ass-pussy. It's so pretty, and easily opens for the raw cock behind her. Alice's slick anus swallows the dick inch-by-inch until it's fully inside her. She's rammed hard doggystyle with her panties pulled down.
 The cock pops out of Alice's ass and into her waiting mouth. She eagerly laps up the ass-juice covered prick. Alice deeply swallows the cock enjoying the pulsating in her mouth and throat. She wants that dick back inside and Alice plants her tiny rear back on top cowgirl position. She bounces up and down, fully impaling down on the no condom cock. 
 Alice is so turned on and it shows. Completely erect she's lost in the pure bliss that only comes by the interlocking of bareback sex. Intoxicated by cum-lust Alice lays back jerks herself off. It doesn't take long until she deposits a healthy portion of sperm on her hard stomach.
 Alice's eyes are closed, she's reached the highest point of pleasure. Her asshole was loose right before cumming but now is constricting as the last drops of sperm pulse from her piss-slit. Her sphincter tightens on the rampaging bare cock . It's milking the dick, wanting all the cum inside. 
 Alice gapes wide as the cock starts to cum inside her. First spurt of cum lands on the base of her balls then the dick quickly pushes back inside that gorgeous puffy asshole. Her breeding is complete as jets of sperm launch deep inside this amazing dick-doll. Alice's asshole is rudely open showing the hidden pink flesh of her rectum. 
 Satisfied with the creampie session Alice goes into the bathroom. Holding her spent, uncut cock with slender fingers Alice pisses a golden stream.. The last of her cum exits her shaft as the pee sprays into the toilet.

(Passive anal 1:1 finish creampie) P V Tube

Alice's tiny bottomless ass is filled up with TWO creampies! Alice's skinny body is dressed for pleasure in a white miniskirt and black panties. Her skirt naturally rides up to show off her pantie bulge. The thong barely covers her growing member and bending over Alice shows her darling, extra-stretchy asshole. Alice's backdoor is oiled up and without any foreplay a bareback cock is buried balls deep inside. Alice loves quickie sex like this, being taken without warning. Her ass-pussy instantly accommodates the raw cock and her stick is rock hard. A hot view underneath of Alice pounded deep. Juice flows from her anus while being jack-hammered with dick. It's time for her first creampie and Alice is side-saddle with her cock poking between her slim thighs. Alice's asshole is in plain view as the bare cock ravishes her gaped hole. After just a few minutes of thrusting the cock starts to cum. Big juicy ropes of sperm shoot all over Alice's open anus and are pushed inside. Alice is completely bred and wanting MORE sperm. Alice wants the POV guy hard again to fill her up more. Her mouth goes to work on the POV cock making it erect again. Alice takes the spit-soaked dick and guides it back into her slimy, cum-owned bowels. She takes it to the root then lays back for missionary fucking. Alice wants to cum and while getting drilled fast she jerks herself off. Girl-sperm spurts from her cumstick and onto her pulled aside panties and trim stomach. Her asshole is gaped wide, easily staying open while the bareback dick punches in and out. With her heels high and a pillow under her ass Alice is fucked more. She loves being fucked by older guys and being used as a sex kitten. Alice wants the next creampie deep and goes on top for cowgirl riding. She strokes the hard cock and plays with the guys asshole to get him close to cumming. With the cock throbbing Alice slides her sexy little she-ass all the way down on the cock. She bounces fast, up and down awaiting her next breeding. The sensation of Alice squeezing her anus on the hard cock makes the guy start to cum. Jets of jizz fill Alice's sphincter and the last of the cum can be seen shooting as the guy finishes. Alice pushes outward, the perfect circular winker open and rudely showing off the creampie. Plenty of nasty hot close-ups of Alice's anus pushing out the sperm. This is as raw and real as it gets.
LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 multiple creampie) P V Tube

Alice is incredible. Her ultra skinny frame is topped with huge tits and a soft easy-opening asshole that begs for bareback cock. Alice poses on the bed and standing displaying those slim legs and tiny ass. She's wearing a just heels, panties and a thin t-shirt so all of her body is easy access. Alice bends over and her buns part showing her wrinkled and slighly gaping asshole. A sticky, stringy lube is applied to Alice's ass-pussy and a bareback cock easily punches it's way inside Alice's sexy sphincter. Her ass is fucked slowly, pushing all the way inside Alice's bottomless hole. The cock pulls out of Alice's already gaping ass and goes right into her mouth. Alice wraps her lips around and tastes herself in an ass-to-mouth blowjob. With a hand helping on the back of her head Alice completely deep throats the POV dick. The sensation of Alice's throat stretching for cock is pure bliss and takes everything to not immediately erupt down her throat. Alice is the perfect bottom, her cock always rock hard as it's caressed during pleasure. Alice lays back and enjoys teasing frottage action while her stick and the POV's rub together. Alice's tits are falling out of the sides of her shirt and legs high in anticipation of more barebacking. Alice's asshole is gaped and completely ready to be pounded and creamed. Alice is fucked missionary, doggystyle and cowgirl. In every position plenty of hot gape close-ups and seeing Alice in the throws of bareback pleasure. Alice cums while on top riding cowgirl. Rocketing her cock, Alice jerks off a white ample load directly towards the camera. It's an incredible sight seeing the girl-sperm shoot from her mushroom head. She continues to ride and now a hot view from the rear. Alice bounces on the raw cock until it spurts potent jizz up her Ladyboy cum-hole. Alice's anus is loaded with cum and a messy view watching it pour out of her perfect pucker. Dripping out as her asshole winks open and shut. Alice goes into the bathroom and into the tub. She writhes around in the water showing her gorgeous skinny body. Once she's all clean Alice goes to the toilet and you get a view of her pissing a golden stream. Sexually spent of all her piss and cum Alice is one satisfied dickgirl.
LadyBoysFuckedBareback (Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

Alice is back, and sporting a new pair of tits on her ultra tiny Ladyboy body! Alice's slim legs stick out from her short girlfriend dress. When she flips up her skirt Alice shows her cock is rockhard and ready to go. It's an impressive sight seeing Alice's cock outlined in the red panties. The panties are pulled aside and Alice's tiny buns and butthole are there for the taking. Play with her rubbery hole, then feed this horny pixie your cock. Alice loves sucking cock and plays with herself while her mouth is full. It's bareback time and Alice is fucked deeply doggystyle and missionary. Her slim legs and high heels in the air as her ass is gaped and stuffed with raw cock. Alice cums all over herself then spreads her buns for a cumshot directly in her wide open winker.

(Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube

Alice is the ultimate spinner. Only 39kg (86 lbs) Alice's small natural body is meant to be railed hard and fast. For such a little dickgirl Alice's asshole is big and easy, trained by many big cocks. No panties under Alice's miniskirt and her pretty cock sticks straight out from underneath the short material. Alice slides her tongue up the guys ass, rimming deep and from ass to cock. Alice devours the cock, and when it's good and wet she turns face down and ass up to be barebacked. Her tiny ass cheeks open and her rosebud begs to be penetrated. The cock presses again Alice's oiled hole and past the sphincter ring. It all the way inside until the root bottoms out. Alice climbs on top and is fucked hard and fast until her bottom is overflowing with sperm.
(Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube Tube180

Q. What's better than a 39kg spinner Ladyboy? A. NOTHING! It's incredible how a waif Ladyboy like Alice can swallowing big cocks hole inside her little ass. She flips up her girlfriend dress showing her swinging dick and no panties. A cock dripping precum is rubbed against Alice's asshole and fed to her. Alice sucks greedily, eager to satisfy. Alice's asshole is especially big and wrinkled for such a tiny girl. Puckered and puffy, Alice's ass is entered and immediately starts to gape. Her girlfriend dress is at her waist exposing her hard cock. Alice is entered missionary, but really gets off bouncing up and down. Alice fully impales herself on the cock with her stick straight up in the air. As the cock starts to cum Alice continues riding, having cum blast up inside her darling bowels. Alice loves the hot cleansing creampie pushed all the way inside her open and gaped ass.
(Passive anal 1:1 creampie) P V Tube Tube180

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