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Also named:
Nicky, Sydney, 

Nationality: American
Birthday: August 18, 1995  November 02, 1995
Weight: 47kg
Height: 157cm
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Mesurements: 32B-23-36
Tattoos: Ribbon on each hamstring; notes on upper back.
Piercings: Navel; under right eye 
Pubic area: Shaved

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MadChedder Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Sydney Cole
Sarah and Rebecca are sexy best friends. When Sarah’s parents go out of town for the weekend the two naughty girls go out all night partying, meeting two hot men who they invite back to Sarah’s house the next day. When Rebecca starts texting her boyfriend, Sarah realises that her best friend just isn’t down for the action she had in mind. When Rebecca leaves, Sarah is left all alone with this two sexy black men who clearly have on thing on their agenda - and Sarah is the lucky girl who is going to reap all the benefits!
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Elsa, Rachel and Sydney are ready for their initiation into their chosen sorority. When they are faced with three huge black dicks, they know they have to make a good impression. They jerk them off in unison, before dropping to their knees to take as much black cock in their throats as they can. These three hot students are going to make sure these lucky dicks get totally satisfied! Elsa and Sydney climb aboard while Rachel gets it hard from behind as they all moan loudly, before Rachel joins their cowgirl game. When they all take it from behind together, the looks on their sweet faces tell just how deep these big dicks are getting. The three beauties suck and fuck their way through this trio of lucky cocks, making sure nobody is left out. Lastly they fuck all three in reverse begging for their loads of cum, which are delivered deep inside Rachel, followed by Sydney’s sweet little pussy and lastly Elsa’s yearning hole. The only question that remains is - will they make the grade?
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Cute little Sydney has got through her parents’ messy divorce and her mom now has a boyfriend with a huge black dick. They fuck so loud she can hardly concentrate on her studying. The problem is she is craving Rob’s big black cock too! She takes her opportunity to let him catch her walking around in her sexy lingerie, and he just can’t resist a younger model. When she gets out his huge cock she knows her pussy is going to get a real pounding! She sucks it first, until he is fucking her mouth and making her gag. When he squeezes into her, she’s not sure that he’s going to fit, but he is soon getting his whole shaft deep into her. When she climbs on top, she feels the real extent of his length! Once he has fucked her hard and fast on all fours, he finishes off by getting her to reverse fuck him before depositing his dick juice in her tiny pussyhole!
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