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Nationality: American
Birthday: October 15, 1989
Weight: 40kg
Height: 152cm
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Mesurements: 32A-24-32
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Pubic area: Shaved

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MadChedder Reg. in Spain, shot in USA
as Odette Delacroix
Odette works as an assistant for Michael, a big time record producer and she loves it. Her jealous boyfriend doesn’t like it, and he has every right to be concerned. The thought of his huge dick makes her panties so wet, and the thought of it inside her seriously turns her on. One day at work, it all becomes too much to handle and they end up getting hot and horny in his office. When she gets a look at his huge black cock, she knows exactly what she wants. She gets on her knees and licks and sucks his massive dick. When he is done fucking her face, he slips his huge length deep inside her pussy, right there across his desk. When he stands behind her, fucking her wet hole, it only just fits inside! Once she is riding him, her tiny tight pussy is too much for him to handle, and he fills her with his creamy load, letting it drip slowly from her fully fucked hole.
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